What you must Know about umbilical cord stem cells?

If you are expecting your baby sooner or later you should be reading my next few lines very carefully. Probably, this will help you to give the best gift ever for your baby.

Many catastrophic diseases like blood cancer, liver failures, kidney failures, brain stoke spinal cord injury are known to have no cure.

We know many people have died because of organ failures. Many times doctor says sorry we can’t help since its organ failure. Many times we don’t get correct donors for organ replacements too.

What if you can regenerate some of those organs and reduce the chances of such organ failure death cases? Well can you do that??

Well, you can’t do it for yourself but definitely you can do it for your new born baby or may be for your expected baby.

In my clinical practice , Once a patient comes up with symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, pallor skin, bleeding through gums and nasal bleeding , then we suggest other investigations procedures like CBC, electrophoresis and many other. Finally, we found many of such cases diagnosed as Aplastic Anaemia. It’s a condition in which bone marrow fails to produce new rbc wbc and platelets.

Treatment for aplastic anaemia is blood transfusion but it’s not a permanent solution. blood and  marrow stem cells transplantation is ultimate and final solution.

Can anyone regenerate any of our Organs?

Yes, Of course doctors can regenerate body tissues required for some of the organs and can be able to fight some of deadly disorders or diseases with a small step taken during child birth. It’s called PRESERVING UMBILICAL CORD BLOOD STEM CELLS.

If you can able to preserve umbilical cord blood stem cells of your baby. Doctors can regenerate any malfunctioning organs whenever needed using these stem cells. Means, if your baby needs organ replacement anytime in future they can get the same from this regenerative stem cell therapy.

Let’s try to understand what are these stem cells?

Stem cells are the basic building blocks of life. They are found in the body’s organs, tissues, blood, and immune system and have the ability to regenerate into additional stem cells or differentiate into specialized cells, such as nerve or blood cells. Stem cells are distinguished from other cells in two basic characteristics

  1. Stem Cells are Self Renewal
  2. Stem Cells have potential to differentiate into different cell types

When a stem cell divides, each new cell has the potential either to remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a more specialized function, such as a muscle cell, a red blood cell, or a brain cell. Stem Cells can repair or replace the patient’s diseased cells when transplanted in the patient’s body. These stem cells improve the patient’s health and in many cases save patient’s life.

Why Umbilical cord blood Stem cells should be preserved?

Umbilical cord is the main lifeline between mom and baby throughout pregnancy. Umbilical cord carries nutrient rich and oxygenated blood from placenta to the baby via umbilical vein. Baby will pump back deoxygenated blood back to placenta through umbilical arteries. Umbilical cord stem cells share a special property that sets them apart from adult bone marrow stem cells: flexibility. This special property enables them to more easily adapt to a patient’s body during transplant. As a result, a patient’s body is less likely to reject the cells, increasing the chances for a successful outcome.

When your baby is born, Stem cells are rich in umbilical cord; collection is done during child birth from umbilical cord by non invasive process and not harming to mother or child. Collecting umbilical cord stem cells is a straightforward, quick, and painless procedure for both mom and baby.

  • Richest Source of Stem cells are identified as Umbilical Cord Blood.
  • It is collected immediately after birth from the newborn’s umbilical cord in a painless and simple manner.
  • The stem cells are a perfect match for the baby and more likely to be a match for the siblings and close family members
  • Storage of these stem cells ensures the availability of stem cells at the time of need to potentially treat many  dangerous diseases

Parent can gift a good health and a chance to recover from illness and just a simple thing to do is PRESERVING STEM CELLS OF YOUR BABY.

Stem cell therapy is said to be as regenerative treatment

Using stem cells to cure different diseases has perhaps passed through the stages of infancy & childhood now; currently, it appears to be an established mature treatment used successfully to treat many diseases. The main benefit of stem cell therapy is that it doesn’t aim at just controlling the symptoms; rather, it cures. Stem cells are extracted from the cord blood of the newborns (which actually is of no use) for the neonate. These stem cells are collected & stored for future use. Experts consider this therapy as 100% safe and effective. Stem cells are younger cells which are not exposed to external environment, as they have preserved during child birth from umbilical cord. they are much potential to proliferate and differentiate and regenerate in to different types of cells. they are much capable to treat life threatening diseases. most of the time it is mainly used to treat neurological diseases, blood related and oncological diseases.

Stem cell therapy can be used in medical conditions like brain and spinal cord injury, neuron degeneration, generation of heart muscle cells, blood cell formation, blindness and vision impairment, bone marrow transplantation, infertility, hair transplantation, scar healing, pancreatic beta cell production etc.

Having Everything said above, We will discuss more on How Stem Cells are Collected and Preserved and what is the procedure for same in next article.