Basics of Genetics

We get to find so many varieties of species on this earth. We usually categories them as plants, animals, birds, insects and humans. Plants are still, animals can move, birds can fly, insects are small, and humans, they are extraordinary.

So, what makes them to be the way they are?

What makes human look alike and different from other species?

Specifically when it comes to humans, we are alike. But every person is unique; in their look, behavior and mentality.

So, what actually makes you unique?

Genes are one reason why you are unique. It holds the instructions that makes you unique, or one of a kind. Genes are the elements of heredity that inherits the traits from parents to offspring in reproduction. This is the reason, why family members look alike. The study of these biologically inherited traits is genetics. Genetics, unlike any other scientific discipline occupies a pivotal position in the entire subject of biology as it is the center of numerous aspects of human affairs. It is bringing rapid changes in medicine, agriculture, biotechnology and also in law and pharmaceutical industry.

How the genetic information does passes from generation to generation?

Human somatic cells consist of 46 chromosomes, which are grouped into 2 sets. Two chromosomes with the same gene array are said to be homologous. During reproduction the cell divides, all its chromosomes are replicated and separated. This separated daughter cell receives the full complement of chromosomes. Children inherit pairs of genes from their parents. A child gets one set of genes from the father and the other from the mother. These genes can combine in different ways to form various combinations. This is how the family members share the same character. Sometimes these inherited characters include certain health conditions. Since families share habits, diet and environment, it also influence on their future health. As the genes carry some of the characters from parent to offspring, it also carries some of the diseases. And some diseases are caused when there is a change in instructions in their gene. This heritable change in a gene is called mutation.

In short, human genetics is the one which makes each human being unique in the way he looks, in the way he behaves and science of bio genetics deals with human genetics, its diseases and answers some basic questions about genetics and Investigation of human genetics can be valuable as it can answer very basic questions concerning human nature, understand the reason for genetic disorder or diseases and advancement of viable infection treatment, and helps everyone understand human genetics.